Spend one or two weeks in Maine studying alternative process and hand made photographs !
Learn to make painterly images from historic techniques and apply emulsions to papers with brush and expose your images in the sun.

Kallitype, salted paper, albumen, the cyanotype, platinum, ziatype and more are all options in this exciting course that visits the traditions of the medium. The second week includes an intro to the wet plate collodion, as well as gum bichromate techniques.

These 19th C techniques are a great way to revitalize your work and try something new and bold in your photography. We have an intro course with no experience necessary and a second week of advanced techniques !


CyanotypeJULY 6 - JULY 12, 2014

JULY 13 - JULY 19, 2014

JULY 27 - AUGUST 2, 2014

AUGUST 3 - AUGUST 9, 2014

AUGUST 10 - AUGUST 16, 2014

This is a New Course
This is a New Course

AUGUST 17 - AUGUST 23, 2014






Intro button and poster images courtesy
2012 MMW+C Professional Certificate graduate © Leslie Inman




Alternative Process - Photography's Renaissance in the 21st Century


Anne Atkins ©1840/Right: Allie Duda ©2012






Near right: Anne Atkins ©1840
Far right: Allie Duda ©2012

Anna Atkins used the cyanotype in the 1840's and made a photographic book of botanicals. Allie Duda made her cyanotype here on campus in 2012.











Edward Steichen © 1901 / Right: Leslie Inman © 2012





Far left: Edward Steichen ©1901
Near left: Leslie Inman ©2012


Steichen posed as a painter w. brush rendered in gum bichromate.

      — Brenton Hamilton








Alternative Processes Fox Talbot








Near right:
William Henry Fox Talbot
© 1844-45

Far right:
Tracey N. Freeman © 2012










Can you can shoot digitally, and still make these amazing 1800s alternative photographic process prints?

Brenton Hamilton: Yes, we make digital negatives here for use in all of these processes.